Motogadget Motoscope Pro Digital Dashboard Only

Motogadget Motoscope Pro Digital Dashboard Only

  • The Motoscope Pro is the latest generation of dashboards by Motogadget. Mount to your handlebar risers with the Kraus Moto Pro Digital Display Mount or get the Motoscope Pro included with the Kraus Moto Pro Digital Display Kit

    Cutting edge technology with stylish design. 734 LEDs governed by a 16-bit RISC processor drives the self-illuminating, automatic brightness control display matrix. It provides optimal readability even under conditions of direct sunlight.

    The rev-counter is fully scalable via the analog LED band with drag indicator function. Main and secondary displays are user configurable. Another display section serves the gear indicator. Four indicator lights are pre-installed and can be used for additional input signals via Breakout Boxes.

    The dashboard communicates over a digital one-wire bus (m-Bus) with additional Breakout Boxes to easily expand the application spectrum. This allows application to a wide range of motorcycles. The instrument is equipped with an ABE and does not have to be registered.

    • Rev counter (LED bargraph)
    • RPM count (on LCD)
    • Adjustable RPM warning (gear shift flash)
    • Speedometer
    • Trip meter (plus total mileage)
    • Gear display
    • Fuel/Reserve (w/ breakoutbox A/B)
    • Air temperature* (w/ breakoutbox B)
    • Water temperature* (w/ breakoutbox B)
    • Oil temperature* (w/ breakoutbox B)
    • Oil pressure* (w/ breakoutbox B)
    • On-board voltage (with low voltage warning)
    • Operating hours/Service
    • Clock
    • And more...
    • Parts Delivered

      • Motoscope Pro with ca. 55 cm connector cable
      • Speedometer sensor (stainless steel, IP67) with ca. 150 cm connector cable
      • 2 magnets
      • 9-pin connector kit
      • In-line fuse
      • 2 stainless steel screws
      • Detailed installation and operating instructions


      • Moto Pro Instruction Manual
      • Mount to your handlebar risers with the Kraus Moto Pro Digital Display Mount
      • Use Breakout Boxes to connect indicator light signals or to connect Harley Davidson digital bus-systems
      • Brake out box A (for indicator lights)
      • Brake out box B (for indicator lights and temperature)
      • M-Switch Two Button
      • Motogadget M-Button Wiring Harness
      • May require custom wiring