Red Shift® 511TC Cams

Red Shift® 511TC Cams



New for 2017 - Bolt-in grind for 1999-2004 Twin Cam® 88 or 95" engines, specifically designed for heads with stock valve springs. Unique profile makes exceptional power and torque while maintaining excellent valve train dynamics for quiet operation. Retains factory non-adjustable pushrods, no other modifications required. Provides big increases in overall power without sacrificing low end torque. Slight increase in cranking compression over stock (from 165 to 175 pounds in an 88" engine). 

Intake open 25, c/l 94, close 33 Duration 238 TDC .207" Lift .510"
Exhaust open 37, c/l 98, close 21 Duration 238 TDC .185" Lift .510"

Available in standard splined gear chain drive (stock H-D® style), or configured for use with S&S® Gear-Drive gear sets. We recommend new cam bearings and performance tappets with any cam change. 
*These cams are designed for use with the factory dual-coil valve springs used in 1999-2004 engines; for 2005-2006 engines with factory beehive valve springs, the 527TC cam is recommended.