Red Shift® 727TC Cams

Red Shift® 727TC Cams



Red Shift® Performance Cams for 1999-2006 Twin Cam® Engines 
Available in standard splined gear chain drive (stock H-D® style), or configured for use with S&S® Gear-Drive gear sets. All require adjustable pushrods; spring work required unless otherwise noted as a bolt-in cam. We recommend new cam bearings and performance tappets with any cam change. *These cams can not be used in 2006 FXD® engines. 

727TC: The hottest Twin Cam® cam grind we make, intended for drag racing, LSR or other special high performance applications. Requires highly modified heads with special valve springs, spacing and high compression engines. Extensive set up required for installation. Available in gear drive only. 

Recommended Top End Gasket Kits: Choose a full top end gasket kit if you’re doing headwork with cam install or a cam-change-only kit for bolt-in cams which do not require head removal (includes cam, tappet, rocker lid gaskets and pushrod o-rings). Quality gaskets from James Gaskets.