When you purchase a new motorcycle, your engines computer is already tuned to the components that came with it.  However, when you modify or change those factory parts, your engine is no longer tuned to those that you have changed.  The existing computer map is no longer calibrated to those parts causing your engine to no longer be optimized and functioning to its full power.  

Whether it is a new exhaust system, high performance air filter or other more extensive engine modifications, you and your motorcycle will benefit greatly in having it tuned and matched to the engines new characteristics.  This is what having Dyno is all about!

Dyno Tuning your motorcycle will offer a smoother running engine, better roll-on acceleration, more power and better fuel efficiency.  It is the only way to ensure optimum performance.

Baseline Dyno Testing: $75.00

Checks for air/ fuel ratio, torque and horsepower for your current engine.  We will recommend enhancements that will be of benefit to you.

EFI Fuel Mapping:  $400.00 and UP

Installation of tuning products and required Dyno runs/tests necessary.   

Fuel maps Guaranteed for 1 Year. 

We also offer Direct Link Programming.  This allows us to program your Harley Davidson brain.  No piggyback system needed.